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Single Second

COVID is on the top of our heads. People are dying every single second in quantities.

But are they even going to the hospitals and if they are going then are they able to afford the bills?

Simple and sorted answer is NO. For many hospitals COVID is a way to get into more business and then more of it and the more which has no end but what has the end then? May be Humanity has the end.

Every single second, a person is breathing and thinking what to do next. Every other second, a person is shedding tears and thinking from where to feed the entire family. Every single second, a person is standing next to his/her dead child/mother/father/wife/sister/brother and thinking how to survive.

But every single second a hospital is thinking how to exploit a dead body or a living body.

For a normal person it is very difficult to survive during this situation, when people has no jobs, no money and no food.

Thousands of people are on deathbeds and hospitals are gaining opportunities to fill their pockets.

We Indians are glad that hospitals don’t charge for the air we breathe every second else that would also be the best possible way to get the #business.

We feel punished when we see around and see every other thing is being exploited every single second.

According to #Asia #Development Bank 21.9 percent of the India’s population is still under poverty line and let us all not forget that we also have to serve those who cannot even afford one time meal. They have souls too and they have feelings too.

P.S: Exploit COVID-19

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