It's been decades since we've witnessed something like this, a situation where we've already lost lakhs & millions have been infected.

Yes I am talking about the pandemic, a state where we still don't know how many more of us will die!

It's a disastrous stage to be in but is there something we can do about it?

No one has been able to find the cure yet to be able to save the lives being lost, but atleast what we can do is to help the ones who've lost their means of livelihood, lost access to earn money & thus getting food & are dying day by day or are wandering on streets trying to head their way back home with no clue even if things will get any better or not.

As responsible citizens of our country, come let's step forward & be their felicitator of every need they have, & for every support they need, come let's #bethereason

- Faraz Ahmad

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