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Only Love!!

Look at the lips, look at the eyes, there are wrinkles everywhere

Look at the hands, look at the feet, there are wrinkles everywhere

Look at the smile and look at their life, there are wrinkles everywhere

Let us not abandon the wrinkled ones on the streets, in the rooms and in our lives! These people are not a burden, like you were not, when you were 6. They loved you and taught you every single word a thousand times! Then why do you abandon them? Why do you lock them in? Why you make them suffer? Please think and do ponder over it!

Well, let me answer you, just because of your extended family, just because they ask for your love, just because they are old and sick.

How can you forget those golden days when they took you out in prams? How can you ignore those nights when they used to wake up when you were sick?

They shed their tears without even a partner to support them! They just want you to care and sit with them for a while. How can you forget those days when you counted on them? Just because of a second form of love, will you forget them? Will you chose to abandon them?

Open your eyes and see the world, and the one who is besides you listening to you, crying for you, concerned about you!

Hold their wrinkled hands till the last breathe and make them recall all their dreams till the end.

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