About Us

About Us

BeTheReason is a mission driven foundation. We offer a complete range of cloth distribution services, livelihood, projects on flora and fauna and awareness campaigns. Our goal is to

Be The Resourceful expression for achieving something ordinary yet noble.

We also advance a free society by promoting and providing basic services for upliftment of the society. Our end goal is to increase the employment as millions of people are struggling because of unemployment, stagnant wages and rising cost of living.

Our Responsibilities

Our aim here is to provide clothes to the poor and underprivileged people. It has been our desire to hand out clothes to the poor and underprivileged individuals of various town and villages. We’ve been collecting clothing material/clothes from the people who willingly donate them to us and we later distribute them to the poor.

We’re trying hard to reach out as many people as possible during all the seasons to provide them with the neccessary clothes to wear especially during the winters to provide them the required warm clothes for their survival.

We believe in adopting Green ways for Green earth hence supporting environment - friendly, socially just and sustainable development. We promote the concepts of energy efficiency by creating awareness about the potential and benefits of alternative modes of energy.

We try not just to be a reason for people to smile but also want to be the reason the enviroment smiles too. We’re trying to come up with as many campaigns as possible to support the enviroment.

We believe in empowering the poor people.We carry out training programs for them so that they can learn and develop their skills. We wholeheartedly welcome the underprivileged people to volunteer in our projects and showcase their skills through which they can also make a livelihood.

One of our aims is to provide vocational training to young women so that they become self independent as we highly support Women Empowerment.

Our goal is to create awareness and motivate people to believe that their efforts can rebuild lives. Guest lectures encouraging more and more people to join us and volunteer towards the uplifting under privileged.

We encourage the students in schools and colleges to help the poor people. Small efforts from them can bring about a change in the society.

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